Rendering your texts useful…

You have to deal with international correspondence? You need translations of technical documents or specialised texts? Or advertisements for your target group?

I‘ll help you rendering your texts useful. It‘s not a question of interpretation.

My services:

Translation of technical documentations for industry or trade

The current legal situation in Europe commits manufacturers of consumer goods to providing technical documentations and instruction manuals in the language of the market country. I am committed to delivering comprehensive and readable translations (En/Ger/Eng) that are pleasantly different from the automated bloomers.

Improvement of business correspondence

You want to cut a deal abroad? You just cannot think of THE catchy phrase for your letter or e-mail… I‘ll help you fast, easy and, of course, discreetly.

Advertising texts

A witty, spot-on and unique punch line can increase your revenue? You betcha.


Having written „The Works“ can leave you professionally blinkered. I check your study thesis or dissertation for language, content and – against blinkeredness – for meaning.


Translations can be done with the computer nowadays, can‘t they?

Noooo, they cannot! At least not, if quality and comprehensibility matter. And by no means completely.

However, the computer is a great tool in translation. I work with several online and offline dictionaries. The internet helps investigating new topics.

Layout and design of your documents are kept (or even much improved in the case of poor fax copies). I work with all MS Office, iWork, and pdf file formats.